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460's Journal - Apprenticeship program
This is a place for people to come together and create their own Book Of Life... literally.

Through a spiritual and metaphysical lens, we will journey together to create your own Book of Life - significant to you.   One that, if you wish, you can pass down generations, or pass on to those you love. 

Print out templates, create your pages from scratch, or some combination... this site is meant to offer support and direction to help you create your Book Of Life to address the...
  •  Physical
  •  Emotional
  • Mental
  •  Spiritual
...states of health for yourself or those you love.
Briefly, our story...
Our Vision is to create a safe space where people can explore spiritual and metaphysical avenues and APPLY what is discovered, what is learned, to their lives through both personal and business endeavors.  Below are some examples of specific areas these higher consciousness programs will be geared towards:
Autoimmune Diseases and Disorders

Chronic Pain


Sleep Disorders

Weight Loss

Coping with Grief and Loss

Eating Disorders


Stop Smoking

Trauma / PTSD

Alcohol or Substance Abuse




Past Life Regressions

Meet Your Guides, Guardians, & Angels

Connection to Your Higher Consciousness

Honoring Your Authentic Self

Psychic Development

Just as important is how we function in the way we serve others.  For many, this is our career.  It can also be time we volunteer and charity work.
  • Knowing and Understanding Ourselves and Others: Is the foundation of building trust.
  • Accepting Ourselves and Others: Allows us to create a connection.
  •  Honoring Ourselves and Others: Leads to progress and achievement.
Now that you know our vision... here is how YOU fit in:
This site will be a work in progress.  We are NOT professional videographers or marketers. We are professional metaphysical practitioners. We understand this - so also we understand that the quality of our videos will not exactly be cinematic!

As we grow as a community, we will get help creating quality videos (I promise), but for now, I ask that you give us a little leeway and remember, our #1 goal is to share knowledge.

This is your official invitation to become one of the Founding Members.  It will be through your feedback, your goals, your needs that we will prioritize and shape the programs within this site.

Below are some of the programs we intend to place on the site. We'll have videos, audios, posts, worksheets, live webinars, etc.  Knowing it will take time, your participation and feedback will help us prioritize the content and delivery. No matter what, all delivery methods will be geared towards producing a finished page to be added to your Book of Life.

As we develop, we'll look forward to suggested programs.  If it falls with in our area of expertise, we will get material up on the site.  If it does not, we will FIND the expert and get material up on the site.
Breath Awareness
Shielding and Protection
Auras, Meridians, Chakras
Language and Symbolism
Connecting with Animals
Stone and Crystal Work
Deprogramming the Sub-Conscious Mind
Conscious Alignment to Your Truth
Oils and Topicals
Jierasu Reiki
Psychic-Medium Development
Meeting Your Guides, Guardians & Angels
Astral Work and Lucid Dreaming
Vibrational Energy
Botanical Medicine
Past Life Regression
Dream Therapy
The Art of Manifest
Eastern Medicine
Business Development
Incorporating These Practices Into Your Career
Business Ethics
Attracting The Right Clients
Our names are Mel and Catherine.  We run a Private Integrative Medicine Practice in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA where we work along side other health and medical practitioners - helping people address issues on all levels of metaphysical work.  Although we are physically located in the USA, we have had the honor to touch lives around the world thanks to wonderful technological advances.
Mel LLeras, C.Ht., R.M.T.
Sub-Conscious Behaviorist and Bio-Energy Therapist
Mel LLeras is an established Metaphysical Healer and Teacher who has dedicated over 25 years studying various holistic healing techniques, allopathic medical treatments, and spiritual therapies from cultures around the world. Specializing in bio-energy fields of the body, Mel has found that treatment of the metaphysical body is crucial when healing the body, mind, or heart. Along with his wife, Catherine, Mel founded 460’s Journal LLP to help people become aware of, connect with, and understand their own metaphysical energy bodies in order to instate positive change in the themselves and the world around them.

Professional Experience
Jierasu Reiki (Manipulation of bio-energy field of the human body without the use of man-made tools).
  • Tuning of major and minor chakras to create harmony between energy centers and all else. immediately
  • Clearing and redirection of Qi through meridian channels.
Mine is a family of Healers. Each generation, some children (especially 1st born) are groomed to be Teachers/Healers and become students of all things related to Healing Sciences/Arts. We do not learn affirmations as adults as is done here in the Western countries. Rather, the words of wisdom and reminders are given to us at the youngest age through stories, lessons, and example so that by the time we are teenagers, we may begin studying medicines and therapies with an innate understanding of how our metaphysical energy relates to the energy of all living things within our environment. 
Medical Hypnotherapy (Working directly with the subconscious to create healing or change behavior).
Working with the subconscious directly is probably the fastest way to implement new learned behaviors or remove blocks from the subconscious mind. Only 12% of our being is composed of our conscious mind, while the other 88% is completely subconscious. Therefore, it only makes sense to utilize the greater power to help ourselves heal, overcome issues, improve skills, or any other type of behavior change.
Sound Therapy (Manipulation of bio-energy field of the human body using specific sound frequencies while guest is guided into a deep state of meditation).
  • R.M.T. – Reiki Master Certification, Jierasu Reiki (Eastern), 7-Year Program
  •  Astral Projection 3-Month Journey to Mastery- Instructor Asahi Ogawa, 3-Month Fellowship
  •  B.S. – Bachelors of Science Degree, Metaphysical Science, Sedona University, 
  •  Ordained and Licensed Minister, Metaphysics Faith Based Ministry
  •  Aura Holistic Therapy Training, Instructor, Kaito Maeda, 2-Year Program
  •  M.Msc. – Master’s Degree in Metaphysical Science, Sedona University
  •  Zen Meditation Studies – Instructor, Bo Peng, 4-Year Program 
  •  Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture, Botanical Medicine, Oriental Medicine Practice) - 3-Year Post Graduate
  •  R.M. – Reiki Master Certification (Western), Instructor, Catherine LLeras
  •  Bio-Energy Analyst Certification – Bio Well, 3-Year Program
  •  Bio-Energy Sound Frequency Therapy, 1-Year
  •  Medical Hypnotherapy Graduate – Hypnosis Motivational Institute, 2-Year Post Graduate
*Note: word “master” above is used humbly and with humility as it is his understanding that to master any art or skill requires a lifetime of dedication and continued practice and application – and that we are only masters to those with less knowledge, skill, or experience than ourselves. This is why Mel considers himself a life-long student of the Metaphysical and Healing Sciences.
Psychic Medium and founder of 460's Journal LLP, Catherine's primary role is that of a messenger and communicator. Catherine has spent decades developing her extrasensory skills and raising her vibration. Her dedication has resulted in the ability to connect directly to our Guardians, Animals and other spirits through hearing, sight, and physical sensations. Though Catherine communicates divine advice and guidance to both business owners and individuals seeking answers during challenging times, her specialty and focus is in health related therapeutics.
Catherine LLeras, R.M.T.
Psychic-Medium and Celestial Channeler
I remember clearly as a child having what people refer to as, Psychic abilities (though I didn’t know it at the time as something defined by name). I just remember it as a time where I saw & spoke to spirits, having faeries with & protecting me when I was out alone collecting agates, astral traveling…& a number of other things that kind of made me a weird kid in my own little world. To my recollection, it wasn’t discussed at home, & honestly, it lacked any thought on my part until I was in the 2nd grade. I attended a Catholic school & had a Nun as a teacher. There were a couple of what I refer to as “incidents” with this Sister where my Psychic abilities were revealed. After that year, I must’ve learned to shut it down & hide it, as it wasn’t something I was aware of until around the age of 20, when it started popping up again. This is when I decided I was going to learn how to control it for the sole purpose of then being able to get rid of it. Well, long story short & 20+ years of studying later, I learned to not only embrace, but to also love this part of me.
Psychic Advisor (Direct contact via mediumship and/or channeling to Non Divine and Divine entities who have a broader view of our existence. The purpose of these sessions is often to acquire guidance that may directly affect our action and choices.)
Spiritual Counseling (Direct contact via mediumship and/or channeling to Divine entities with the purpose of helping us evolve. The purpose of these sessions is often to aid in expanding our understanding of our spiritual selves in connection with all that is around us.)
As a FOUNDING MEMBER, you will get a few more perks...
  • Priority content will be created for you and your needs.
  •  Content we publish on this site will be exclusive to this site.
  • Members will have access to Individual Private Sessions and most retail items at a 20% discount.
  •  The $7 a month fee will be PERMANENT as long as the membership remains active.
The $7 a month fee is ONLY AVAILABLE for a SHORT TIME to Founding Members.  Once you're in, that pricing is LOCKED so long as the membership remains active.  This is our way of expressing gratitude for all of you helping us build this community.
  • Live Q&A sessions at least once a week. Between sessions, send us your topics and questions to discuss. 
  • Twenty minute phone conversation to give me an understanding of your goals and current experience so that we can prioritize programs to fit your needs.
  • Our goal is to add content every week, several times a week. As a Founding Member helping us create the experience, your monthly dues will NEVER go up so long as you do not cancel the membership.
  • Have the opportunity to participate in clinical cases and studies as a co-facilitator.
  • Be part of a community dedicated to uplifting each other within our own journeys.
  • A portion of the funds collected will be dedicated to programs that we facilitate that offer much needed health and therapeutic services to members of vulnerable communities and/or are in need of financial assistance.
  • By being open to learning and participating in this community, not only will you benefit yourself, but you will be a part of a great change in the world.
More content is added every week based on the requests of our members.  JOIN TODAY and we'll immediately work on getting the content that is important to you!
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